Monday, 24 February 2014

One Item... Three Different looks


Well I have wanted these jeans for some time now. These are currently my favourite pair of jeans. They are known as Acid wash and are from New Look. The price was £22.99 which I think is good value considering that I will use them through summer.


I'm wearing all New Look. I got this collared floral top at the same time as my jeans. I paired it with my blue denim  look Toms.

LOOK 2; ROCK CHIC [ My Favourite]

I'm wearing my BooHoo shirt with a H&M leather jacket. The hat is also H&M and the cut out boots are from New Look.


Silly Sun Got in my Shot!

I'm wearing Forever 21 Jumper with my peter pan collar BooHoo top. My shoes are from unknown ... well I don't actually where they are from because there is no label. Sorry :)

So that's it and I love the jeans too. I hope that you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourite pair of jeans are and your favourite look :)

Gee x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What Did I Get For My Birthday?


There is a mixture of different things and to be honest there is not much Fashion or Beauty. There is not much because of one of the gifts costing a lot.

Well I will do the Fashion bit first.

I think I put this in a previous FASHION TAG post. Looking back , I have got the same one. I love this and I got it in the sale too. The oversized coat. Basically the coat is from my nan but I had to pay half because she was putting money to another gift. .

While shopping I saw a hat with I fell in love with. So I brought it for myself as a gift. OMG how sad is that but I needed a excuse to buy it.

Next is Make-up.

From my mums best friend, I got 5 new eyeliners. She knows how I love this brand and got me five different coloured eye liners. They are Umberto Giannini and are amazing.

She also got me a makeup set and nail set. I love this , it also has a eye liner and comes with an amazing brush to apply it.

Well , my birthday was a three day event , ha. But the day before my birthday I spend with my friends, my actual birthday I spend with my mum. The day after my birthday I spend with my whole family. So yeah.

From my best friend I got a lovely bracelet which has both our names on. Due to leaving school and going to different colleges , she got me a Grow Your Own Best Friend, which you put in water and it grows. Also, she got me a photo frame of us two. Also she got me a Best Friend survival Kit.

My main present was a new room. I did not want any thing that was too big of a present so I thought about re doing my room. I got a new day bed. I went from a double to a single so that I would have more space because my room is quite small.

The second picture is of the shoe holder which I also got as my main present. I have a lot of shoes and as you can see not all of them fit in the holder... opps.

From the rest of my family , I got money to spend on whatever I want. So I'm feeling a shopping trip is needed.

Gee x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Triple Birthday Dinner | Get Ready With Me


Well firstly I will explain the title. It was my mum's partner's birthday and my nan's on the 13th of Feb and it was mine 15th so we went out for dinner to celebrate.

So I thought I would do a Birthday get ready with me.

For the face , I used the usually primer Bourjois Happy Light. I really love this which you probably know because I'm always using it on my blog.

Next I used Rimmel London Match Perfection in Ivory. Buffing with a real techniques , this foundation has great coverage and its the perfect match for my skin.

For my eyebrows, I used MAC's charcoal. This is my favourite product , probably in the whole of my makeup collection.

Eyes; I got a new MUA palette in matte called Ever After . I love the colours and plus it's only £4. I went for a brown/black smokey eye. I used Bare as a base. Fade in the centre. Truffle on the outer corner along with Smoke.

I used a real techniques eye shadow brush and a Revlon blending brush.

I outlined my whole eye with liner. Also, I created a little flick along the edge of the eye shadow. I used Umberto Giannini in Black.

I used the Maybelline New York mascara called the Colossal Volume express Cat Eyes.

I didn't want to have bronzer and blush so I contoured with a blush. Using another MUA product which is only £1 , the warm tones are perfect for this look.

For the lips I used the Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip gloss.

So that's the finished make up look.

I let my hair go natural with the waves/ curls and clipped back my fringe. Going to be honest, I could not be bothered with it, ha.

I wore my black dress with skin tights and cut out boots. I brought a little rounded hat to sit on my head while travelling to and from.

So that's my birthday dinner get ready with me.

Hope you liked it :)

Gee x

Ps Part 2 of my birthday is coming tomorrow :D

Monday, 10 February 2014

Top 5 January Favourites :)


Well I have been quite busy recently and have not been shopping much which is unusual for me. So I will do my top five favourites of January.

Well , I got these in the January sales and they are Cut Out Boots from New look. I love these and have wanted a pair for ages. They are quite high and due to my height make me extra tall. It has a bit of heel and the cut out parts of the boots are up the ankle. I plan on wearing these with jeans or leggings and a plain top with a leather jacket to create a rock look. I'm feeling a bright bold red lipstick too.

Next it is the Perk up Artist by Benefit, I think that I have talked about this before or used it in a tutorial but I love this. Whilst doing my friends make-up , she asked for something to cover a small scar. So I used the cover option in the product, she loved the finish the product left.

Due to cold winter UK weather, I needed a new scarf to keep me warm at school. So this snood from Dorothy Perkins is lovely. It keeps me nice and warm. I usually wear it with my Parka Coat but recently I have survived the winter months with just this. I love the colours and it does not clash too much with my uniform. The only down point is that tracing of the wool is often left behind on my clothing after taking it off.

Next my skin has been so dry recently and with teenage spots not planning on leaving my face , I got this from Benefit called tripe Performing Facial elusion. It helps with my dry skin and helps my spots as well, which is a bonus. Its light on the skin and you only need a small amount. I use a half pump at that.

Mascara, well if you looked in my eye makeup draw you would see about ten different mascaras. I needed a black/brown one which I could wear for school. Due to the colouring it is great for school, my year is allowed make-up but years below mine is not. Weird I know , but this mascara from MUA is great. Its the Extreme Curl.

Well... I was thinking that I would include a Music favourite which is Little Mix Salute. OMG I love this album and me and my best friend want to get tickets for one of their London Shows so bad!!

That's all I'm afraid but its my birthday next week so I will be a get ready with me for a birthday meal. I have had a party but I could not do a get ready with me because I had lots to do that day. But I will also be doing a What did I get. Its not going to be much but oh well.

Gee x

Ps - This time last week , I got my braces off and then Tuesday I got a Tweet from the Vamps. AND then I got a FOLLOW  from them so I was a very happy girl!!

My Twitter is @Gee_Grain

Monday, 3 February 2014

Getting Ready With Me | #RedTourLondon Taylor Swift


So yesterday I went to see Taylor Swift at the London O2. She was AMAZING!! I would totally recommend seeing her !

So I thought that I would do a get ready with me for the concert.

So I firstly straightened my hair using my GHD's. I left my hair down for the concert, however, took a hair band for later on.

I used a primer before putting my make up on so that it will stay on during the night.

Then I mixed both my Collection Lasting Perfection and my natural collection foundation. The collection is lighter than the Natural so I mixed to make my skin colour. To put this on using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This brush is amazing to buff your foundation on your face.


Next eyebrows , using my MAC charcoal brown eye-shadow to shape them. They look really big in the photo but they weren't that big!!

For eyes; as a base Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold.

On top of that , I used Barry M eye and Lip crayon in nude/pink.

To finish , I used Mac Eye/Lip liner pencil in black.


Mascara , I used Lash Domination by BareMinerals.

To set my make up , I used Stay Matte by Rimmel London.

Blush, I used Bourjois Pastel Lumiere in Rose. To put this on , I used a Real Techniques Contour Brush.

 Lips, I used Kate Rimmel London Lipstick.

Then Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss by soap and glory.

That's the make up done.


I wore leggings ( select) and a gold top (river island) with a black under top ( Primark). For a jacket, from H&M leather jacket. Shoes a wore black Vans.


The concert was amazing and the supporting act , The Vamps was Amazing and they are quite big over here in the UK but Go and check them out :) Taylor was amazing and I really enjoyed myself:)

Gee x